Global Sourcing

Husqvarna is one of the world's largest producers of products for forestry, gardening and construction. We are a global sourcing actor, who sources from suppliers worldwide that contribute to fulfill our sourcing vision stated below.

Our strategic intent is to maintain our world leadership in our products by providing customer benefits and exceeding customer satisfaction through the highest Quality, latest Technologies, timely Service, timely Product Launches, and Cost Effective Solutions made possible by utilizing the strengths of our supplier base.

We will achieve our intent through results driven focus on priorities, commodity driven management, continuous supplier performance measurement, and competitive supplier management. Further, we will be product focused and brand driven when appropriate, thereby, conveying a single voice sourcing decision to our suppliers.

In order to achieve our needs and desires, we will encourage open communication channels, creativity, continuous improvement, cross functional teamwork and attempts to identify and solve problems will be rewarded within our multi-culture. We will coach and mentor the needy, remove all non-value added activities, treat suppliers with the honor and respect that they deserve, and allow all problems to be visible. We will achieve the above mentioned priorities through teamwork in which the roles are defined, systems are supportive and the processes support transparent decision making.